Home Of Hope - Our Beginning

In 2008, The Home of Hope Child Development Centre was registered with the Department of Child Care and Probation of the Western Province. Two very generous groups of people, Best and Less Australia and Perth Christian Life Centre, funded the purchase of two beautiful lands which were bordering each other in a place called Ja Ela, just 14km north of Colombo.

The full total of the land is 66 perches in size which is just a little less than half an acre. It has three, 3 bedroom houses and a beautiful garden. This is an ideal property with shops, schools, hospitals, etc. in close proximity.

On this property, as it is, we can accommodate up to a total 24 children.

We commenced in 2008 with 8 boys and 1 girl. At present we have 25 children, 13 girls and 12 boys residing in the Home. 3 staff members care for these children.