Education Centre - Health and Nutrition

The Montessori School

Children are provided with a nutritious breakfast when they arrive for school in the morning. Before they leave they are given a cup of milk.

Children are given daily vitamins as directed by the consulting doctor at The HelpKids Education Centre.

The children that stay on for the afternoon care receive a nutritious lunch with a tasty dessert. Before they go home in the afternoon they are given a cup of milk.

Children receive a special dry ration packs through out the year.

Children are taught about the importance of keeping healthy and safe.

Some of the topics include:

  • How to protect themselves from abuse
  • Drinking safe and clean water
  • Playing in safe areas
  • The importance of hand washing and bathing to stop the spread of infection
  • Prevention and protection against dengue and other mosquito borne diseases.

The Past Pupils’ Program and The Special Needs Program

Children are provided with a nutritious lunch when they arrive at the Centre after school.

Once their classes are over they are given a cup of milk before going home.

Children are given a monthly vitamin pack to be administered daily at home. Parents are educated, reminded and followed up regarding the importance of giving their child vitamins for his/her child’s overall development.

Children and their families are provided with a monthly dry ration pack.