Education Centre - What We Do

The HelpKids Education Centre provides education programs for under privileged children. Our aim is to give each child the opportunity to learn and grow. We also strive to care and educate the family as a whole.

The children who are apart of the centre are from very tough and rough areas and are exposed to much danger physically and emotionally. All children are looked at by a doctor and a dentist once a year for a check up. We encourage parents to take their children to their local government clinic for regular checkups and immunization. When a child is sick and unable to get proper medical care we help by taking them to our local doctor.

Most of the children are emotionally troubled. At the Centre we offer them a safe environment to learn and to freely express how they feel. Staff members often spend time just listening to children talk about their families and what’s been happening in their lives in the week gone by. Staff members regularly do observations which are evaluated by the counseling team who then spend time counseling the children.

“A Vision…A Dream…A Reality Today….A Better Future For Tomorrow!”